Meet Coldon: A triplet with Down Syndrome…

“Meet Coldon. One of a set of triplets who also happens to have been born with Down syndrome. Here’s what Coldon’s mom has to say about her child’s Down syndrome diagnosis; “EMBRACE the diagnosis, you are the greatest advocate for your child, so learn about it, but do not let it define them or you. Your child is just a child who happens to have an extra chromosome… literally and figuratively a little something extra…Individuals who have Down syndrome are happy with who they are. Accept that you will have good and bad days, as you will with any child and focus on making the rest of the world happy with who they are too!”

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Cedar’s Story

Meet three of the cutest…

“We have shared so many stories on the blog since it began 2 years ago, but this is the first time we have had the privilege of sharing a story of triplets. Meet three of the cutest triplets ever, and find out how their family learned that one of them had a little extra. Triplets and a down syndrome diagnosis.”

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